South Cape Beach/ New Seabury?

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Hey all-- Usually fish up in Boston Harbor via boat, but going to be spending the next few days shore bound on the south side of the cape with the family--staying in the New Seabury/Maushop area. Figure I'll fish between New Seabury and South Cape Beach mostly. How have the blues been on the south side-- anything of size or just snappers? Any chance at funny fish from shore? Will be able to fish early mornings and evenings, and well after dark for bass (if it is worth it, but guessing water is warm).  Worth poking around inside of Waquiot? 


Happy to swap intel on the Boston bass scene in exchange on some local cape knowledge-- PMs welcome. 

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If you fish south cape you can probably find small blues readily available and some larger fish here and there. No albies around yet. When they do show you'll see them off south cape, usually just out of casting reach. Try Menahunt in Falmouth too. 

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Poppy/South cape used to be a lock for blues from shore.   Not so much anymore.  I don't know why, but scup fishing there also isn't what it used to be.  Maybe that's why.  It could be all the sand they've blown all over the beaches from dredging?  


Last time there I threw every hard bait I had with no love.  I threw a pink savage sand eel and was bitten off immediately.  They were there, but probably small and picky.


I've only once made the walk to Succonesset, the rocky point between South Cape and Poppy beach.  Though it looks to be the fishiest spot for miles.  I've often thought about sneaking out there by bike pre-dawn via the golf course. But I'm a little old for that now. :)

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