Who laid this turd?

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Found a dozen or more of these in my late mother-in-law's house in Palm Beach Gardens. About a half inch long and they all had that white end.  I think it might be a curly tailed lizard or gecko, but not sure. 


Any thoughts?










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2 mins ago, giant basshole said:

Ok the consensus is you have too much time on your hands . 

That is all .

Ain’t that the truth.


My wife is batchit (no, not because she thinks it is a bat) and wants to pay an exterminator to "clear out the house". I am betting there’s a little lizard somewhere behind the furniture and looking for a knowledgeable Floridian to steer me straight. Where else can I get free advice? 

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Tom, here’s a quick note for the poop with white tip. It doesn’t state which style of lizard, so it’s every one does this. The larger the overall size would indicate the larger the lizard and visa versa. 


Lizard droppings have white tips due to the process of reptile elimination: both fecesand urine exit their body through the same opening: the cloaca. Lizards are very water-efficient and their urine is quite concentrated. The white tip on the droppings is uric acid crystals

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