Fall clean-up sale!

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Immediate paypal on these lots and no splits!

Lot-1 Yozuri, Megabaits, Mambo Minnows, F-80, Stetzko, SS,Black Label, Whiptails, Bombers & others - $60 shipped

Lot-2 Stetzko Li'l Squirt -$25 shipped

Lot-3 Bomber Spanish Mackeral w/screwtail - $25 shipped

Lot-4 Yozuri Tobimaru w/spoonlip - $25 shipped

Lot-5 Fluke rigs and other stuff - $20 shipped

Lot-6 Gibbs Lot - $50 shippedDSCN4812.JPG.cf35ff3e21a17f1e2080a5cd217be4d2.JPGDSCN4814.JPG.f6d79bd3632515836441fa37d1abacd6.JPGDSCN4816.JPG.e4e5c9788cf2b5984a7acf50e1315897.JPGDSCN4817.JPG.78b397a2aff4b5c39f4d88ef5897e7ba.JPGDSCN4818.JPG.92efeb6a0d163c457821937c915f020f.JPGDSCN4811.JPG.f1eaddf5ae229f8b4e8ec191db658457.JPG


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