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Looking for an 8 to 9' rod with a soft tip (roughly moderate-fast action) to toss roughly 3/4 oz to 1 1/2 oz rubber, tins and small plugs, with enough backbone to effectively deal with schoolies, small blues and funny fish.


Not looking for ultra high end rod.  (Heck, even the right Ugly Stik could work for me!)


To offer in trade I have:

Extensive list of plugs (everything from FW to inshore SW to v. large SW)

Jig heads, including swing-hook style (1 to 3 oz), some eelskin, and many shapes of lead heads, ranging from 5 oz balls to you-name-it

Extensive FW Fly fishing gear:  Rods, reels, flies, accessories, nets, etc.

Three or four SW boat rods

One pair of Cabelas ultra-light stocking foot chest waders

Fishing books

Cooking lessons



I'm in SE MA, so could meet you anywhere from Providence to Cape Cod to (at times) Boston.


TIA for your consideration.

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