A few lots for sale (guppy, left hook, Sebile, Gibbs, plastics)

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Lot 1: guppy pencil and lefthook pencil. Both are in new condition. Don't think I have ever fished them. Guppy is 2oz round bottom. Lefthook is 2.5oz. $40 shipped. 


Lot 2: Sebile lot, stick shad is 228 fast sinking, Magic swimmer is original 145 sinking. Both are new. Never fished. $26 shipped. 


Lot 3: Darter lot. Gibbs is repaint. TA is around 3oz. Cloud one is unknown. $30 shipped. 


Lot 4: plastic lot, 3 bomber pencils are loaded with shots, around 2.6oz. $38 shipped. 





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