Pair of Jointed Parrots by BM and Eurojett (and both quite alive, I assure you!)

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Whether you did or didn't get the Monty Python reference matters not, so we will get to "Just the facts..."


Here's a great pair of jointed swimmers by names that you all know.








I purchased the 2015 Eurojett used and have never fished it.  Judging by the excellent condition of the hardware, it appears to have been stored (see the light rust stain on the aft section) and lightly-fished (see the two small chips on the R side of the fore section, plus pointers and dings in the clearcoat on both sections).  I've sealed all of them with two coats of Hard as Nails. Weighs 3.4 oz.


As for the Beachmaster Squealie, I bought it new and have fished it for *maybe* one hour in total.  Couple of small pointers plus one small chip at the fore end of the aft section, all of which have received two coats of Hard as Nails to seal them up.  Hardware is perfect.  1.8 oz.




If you need hooks for them, I'll be happy to include a pair of new VMC 4x for each plug for you to attach, just LMK which size you prefer.   (FYI, they both call for cut hooks.) 


$45 for the pair, cash and local  pickup.  Add $4.50 for immediate PP and immediate USPS First Class shipping with tracking number.

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