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Wicked Dan

Christmas Island trip recap !!

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Not sure if the hurricane in Hawaii had anything to do with the wind we had the first few days....but the 25 mph steady winds made jigging as tough as it could be.  We had to paddle as the line was dropping, just to be sure the line was vertical  as we started to jig.   we still had a bunch of fish and lost a couple monster GT,s that there is just no way to stop.  The last 2 days the winds were much better but the jigging was still slow compared to the last time I was there, 5 years ago.  But the bird action and tuna busting made up for everything.  The boat had tuna each day trolling while we were in the kayak,  but the last 2 days were just insane !


As we came up to crashing tuna,  we got into the kayaks and paddled up to them......I was trolling an XRap and got hit as birds were all around me......For the next 40 minutes,  I was pinned down and was able to turn the kayak sideways so the tuna was pulling me into the wind and waves......Not one crank of the reel for 40 minutes.......feeling I had a chance,  it was just a big lift and a couple to a few cranks of the reel for the next 40 minutes before getting it to the kayak......80 lb. yellow fin biggest catch ever !


My friend Bill was hooked up twice and was broken off on both hook up's..........Which was my same fate the following day.....2 hook up's in 15 minutes with each fight lasting about 30 seconds before almost getting spooled and getting broke off.  Bill was fortunate enough to land one that day after a 2 hour battle in very rough conditions.


We also landed an 80 inch sail fish from the boat that was great to watch,  but I didn't have any part in that besides taking pictures.


Overall....a great trip.....but I am thinking that I may be getting a little old for these kind of trips.......home for a few days, and still a bit sore !!  LOL.
















Danny V

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That's a "bucket list" trip for anybody.......... this is your 2nd in 5 yrs, way to go!


Thanks for the morning start up story about that tuna, got me going! :)

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1 hour ago, Wicked Dan said:

.....but I am thinking that I may be getting a little old for these kind of trips.......

I'm calling BS on that Danny.  You're still an animal!  Looks like an incredible adventure and I'm sure the tough conditions start to fade in your memory the more you look at the pictures and tell the stories.

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