handi2 in hospital

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Keith,"handi2", just posted this on the Pensacola Fishing Forum.

He is in the hospital.


"Pneumonia sepsis, herniated discs. Been here since Tuesday 2 am. Still can’t breathe right."
If you don't know Keith,he is a Master reel mechanic in Gulf Breeze,Fl.
And I don't want to speak out of turn but he is confined to a wheelchair from an accident in his youth to the best of my knowledge.
He is one of the most helpful posters on this and other forums. 
And,a real southern gentleman!
I don't know him that well,other then reading his helpful posts on SOL.
But,on the few occasions I have visited him,I have always walked away with wishing I could just sit down and BS about reels. But,he is to busy for that.
By the way,he pretty much helped me for no charge,giving me free bearings and carbontex drag washers at cost.
He is not in it for the money.
Prayers & best wishes for a gentlemen are in order......

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Keith was always full of good advice. God Bless you Handi, I hope you get well. God Bless your doctors and caretakers too, and give them the compassion and skill to nurse a good man strong again. 

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 i am very sorry to hear this. i have never met him but i feel like i know him through his posts. very generous with his encyclopedic knowledge.  get well soon keith 

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