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Something to think about....by the 3rd week of September, when the majority of fish have gone through the canal, the thousands of people who’ve been fishing the Ditch are still going to want to scratch the itch and they’ll inevitably look to the south. Unless you want the same animals descending upon your favorite surf haunts,  I would highly advise against posting reports that are even remotely vague. Just look at what’s taking place at the Canal and in the MA forum. There’s more people fishing, littering, poaching than ever.... don’t think for a second that RI won’t end up like that if the masses converge because hot bites of albies and bass are being posted here and on social media. 


I would ask yourself before you post a report, is it really worth it and why do I feel the need to post a report?  It’s the Fall, the fish will be moving..... let people find them on their own.  


JMO.  Feel free to fire away...


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I think there are distinct differences between the scenarios but appreciate the thought and will heed your warning.  The bways and popular fishing beaches in the fall are all NY,CT, NJ plates for our good moon tides in Oct which greatly changes where i would want to be fishing if it werent for the crowds.  No one wants to work for fish, drive, park and instant results.

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1 hour ago, HugeDinghy said:

not sure which is more annoying...the scum crowding the canal or the incessantly whining yentas in the MA forum.


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