Why I live on Long Island

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So, I managed some time to fish the Connetquot Thursday afternoon.  One other fly fisher with me on the river.  Caught 5 big rainbows.  But that's not the big reason as my title suggests:


Friday morning at 11:30am my heart attacked me while I was in the shower.  Aspirin, my wife dialed 911, and by the time 3:00pm rolled around I was shipped to Stony Brook Hospital, the ER was ready, started the admission, shipped me up to the cath lab and by 3pm my bad boy artery, that was 100% occluded, was opened, stented and I was recovering in the CCU.  2 days later I am home walking around tying flys, and going to practice casting in the yard.


Now, THAT'S why I remain an the Isle of Long.  The great fishing is a bonus, if you live to enjoy it!!  Just sayin'

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Great news you made it through the heart attack and got class treatment so soon.


My close buddy was helicoptered from Southampton and taken To Stoney Brook for urgent brain surgery. Accident  under the light. One of your eminent neuro  surgeons a Dc Raphael Dvies did an Incredible job on him and he made it like you.


Never will forget how good the hospital was the staff in  ITU and the Surgeon.


It is strange how so many people retire to out of the way places and they don’t think about what could happen as they age.


Hope you are obeying Docs orders and any new life style regime they give to you.


Hope you progress from practicing your casts in the yard to fishing on the beach very soon.





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Welcome back for sure. I was one of the guys you met on your way in last Thurs. We also had some big rainbows in the AM session. Good to hear that you are so quickly on the recovery road. Stay well.

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