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Colt sniper vs sp minnow

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Was out fishing with the guys and was told that the colt out casts the sp minnow.  I’d this true and is it enough to justify me scoring a few colts.  And more importantly do the fish like them as well as the sp?  Any comparative info would be appreciated.  Thanks Charlie, king of small bass.

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I fish them both, in different sizes. The DSPM I like best is the sink version of the original size, for catching that is. All cast very well. The smaller DSPM and CS seem to really, may be a combo of weighting and perfect size match. Different action, different pug. Hardware on the CS is good right out of the box. I change out the rear trebles on both for siwash singles.  

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I’ve been an sp minnow fan boy but these days the colt sniper comes out of my bag earlier and more often. I’m commonly casting in a 10-15mph cross wind and the CS casts much better than the sp. 


i fish the slow sinking 120 both on the beach and in heavy current. You can straight retrieve slowly with a little wobble or jerk and let it sink back to the bottom. 


Change the hooks!!!! 




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18 hours ago, Mojoe said:

Can anyone advise how high in the water column the colt sniper swims?

I would like know the same...   Doe the Colt Sniper run deeper or shallower than the Sp Minnow.     If it runs shallower, might want to compare it with the Hydro Minnow  

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17 mins ago, Mr. Bigdeal said:

Fishem' on a straight retrieve or as a jerkbait.....what say you.

I've had great results worked both ways..

a slow rolling straight retrieve works well at times.  While a more sporadic jerkbait style retrieve with long pauses is deadly a triggering a bite other times.. in retrospect, I've probably had more action using it jerkbait style, they always seem to slam it on the pause..

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