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I debated about posting this because it's such a "newbie" question.... 


Been fly fishing freshwater a few years and am making the jump to saltwater. Tried a search and couldn't find the answer. 


I'll be targeting fluke and want to know if you ever toss two flies? Thinking like a dropper while nymphing for trout.  I usually fish a bucktail with a teaser for fluke with spin gear, but I'm wondering if the same thing can be applied to fly fishing. 


I'm currently tying some Clousers, deceivers and half and halfs.  If this is possible, how are they tied? 


Thank you. 

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It's possible. I had this discussion some years ago, and believe it was with some folks here. I had problems with tangling when I used more than one fly. I was told that the leader/dropper had to be stout, and the dropper short. My leader was way too light, and the droppers too long. Droppers should be 4" to 8" long. 


You use the heavier fly, like a Clouser, on the bottom with the lighter dropper fly up the leader. It can be done with unweighted flies too, generally the larger fly on the bottom, and smaller as the dropper. I still don't like fishing this way, but it's worked when I've done it and greatly reduced any tangling problems. Basically the same as adding a dropper fly above a bucktail jig with spinning or baitcasting tackle. 


You can tie a section of line to the hook of one fly & add a second trailing the first, but that's a different setup. 


As I said there's been discussion in the past, so perhaps a search will provide additional information. 

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Making a dropper need not be different  just because it’s salt water..  The leaders are stouter that’s all.


Three  or four turn water knots work well.


As you are new might be an idea to get used to casting one fly for a while,



Fishing a dropper intelligently. Can be very very effective.


Its not a common tactic.




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You can find a diagram of such a rig and an article on how to use it on my website. I love fishing multiple flies in the salt although I’m mostly fishing on or near the surface. You could try a weighted fly on point and a small sand eel dropper above it.


Steve Culton

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