Eating surfperch

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looks pretty good, but you cut off the head!  I've only had 1 surf perch, but I was impressed by the amount of cheek meat, which is like for all fish, very tender.  I'm guessing they have bigger cheek muscles (compared to bass and trout) since they crunch up those sand fleas!

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I grill them skin on over charcoal.  Indirect style, so it's really more like grill-baking.  Cut slices in the skin, rub garlic salt or onion salt and pepper into the slices and inside the cavity.


In a metal charcoal grill like a weber, there is a lot of dry, hot air drawn over your food, kind of like a convection oven.  It helps to firm up some meats by drying them out, just like a brine, but no waiting.


A little sticks to the grill, but mostly I lose skin and not meat.

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