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Posted (edited) · Report post a woman scorned. No one is angrier than a woman who has been rejected in love." - From The Mourning Bride, by William Congreve


This week we had the former FBI lovebirds out in public, sort of. Strzok in public, Page in private. And, as pointed out below, they may have had different attitudes in their interactions with Congress critters. As you read the below, let’s keep in mind on June 23, 2017, Page said to Strzok: “Please don’t ever text me again.” After 50,000 messages exchanged, the tone of that last message doesn’t sound all that amicable. 


So, was Page a woman scorned? And, if she were, was she more forthcoming today than Strzok was yesterday? 


Of course, the following is based on one Republican's word, so I would like to some corroboration from other participants. 


Is Lisa Page Spilling the Beans on Former FBI Lover Peter Strzok?

Florida Republican congressman says the one-time bureau lawyer is being much more cooperative


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said former FBI lawyer Lisa Page was more credible and forthcoming during a closed-door congressional hearing on Friday than was her one-time paramour, Peter Strzok, the day before.


I found Lisa Page to be far more credible than Peter Strzok,” Gaetz (pictured above) told reporters outside the hearing. “I didn’t agree with her characterization of every text message and piece of evidence. But we did not see the smart answers from Lisa Page that we saw from Peter Strzok.”


Page and Strzok exchanged an estimated 50,000 text messages during and after the 2016 presidential campaign and often expressed in them extremely critical opinions of President Donald Trump while he was running for the White House — and after his upset victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In one of the messages, Strzok assured Page that “we’ll” make sure Trump was not elected.


Page and Strzok were catapulted to national attention in 2017 when their text messages became public. Both once occupied important positions within the FBI investigations of Clinton’s use of a private email server to conduct official U.S. diplomatic business and allegations that Trump campaign aides colluded with Russian interests.


There were questions that Peter Strzok did not answer yesterday that Lisa Page did answer today,” Gaetz said. “Those were the areas, I think, that were the most productive.”


The pair’s relationship ended for reasons known only to them but her last message to him suggests their affair’s end wasn’t a happy one, as on June 23, 2017, Page said to Strzok: “Please don’t ever text me again.”


Many congressional Republicans believe Page and Strzok were key participants in covert efforts by top officials in the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI to keep Trump from winning the 2016 election and then to somehow force him out of office following his entering the Oval Office.


Gaetz said Page responded to questions that Strzok claimed FBI counsel barred him from answering. Page was also consulting with the bureau and her personal lawyer during the hearing, much as Strzok did during his. There were questions Page declined to answer, Gaetz added.

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Republicans praise Page's testimony one day after battle with Strzok

(CNN) — Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page was questioned behind closed doors on Friday just hours after FBI agent Peter Strzok had been grilled  in a raucous 10-hour public hearing, and Republicans said they learned new information from a witness who was able to talk more freely than Strzok.


Two Republican congressmen, Reps. John Ratcliffe of Texas and Matt Gaetz of Florida, characterized Page's closed-door testimony as more forthcoming than Strzok's, because she answered more questions about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, as well as the Hillary Clinton probe.

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows, a North Carolina Republican, said they had learned new information that "has been a long time coming," but he and the other lawmakers declined to provide details.

"There is significant new info she has provided," Meadows said, adding that he wouldn't discuss details unless transcripts of the interviews were released.

Like Strzok, Page said the political views she had expressed in anti-Donald Trump text messages did not affect her work at the FBI, lawmakers from both parties said.

Meadows called Page a "very credible witness," and said she had been "falsely accused" of not wanting to cooperate with the committee, a charge that had been levied by his fellow Republicans and President Trump.

Republicans went so far as to even praise Page for her testimony after she had been threatened with contempt earlier in the week.

"I found Lisa Page to be far more credible than Strzok," Gaetz said. "We did not see the smug attitude that we saw from Strozk."

And in a sign that Republicans are not eager to replay the nasty Strzok hearing, GOP lawmakers signaled Friday that they were unwilling to force Page to testify publicly -- despite earlier indications that they would.

"I think that at this point, public testimony is not on the horizon," said Meadows, adding that a public hearing is "not something I would advocate for."

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She delayed her testimony long enough to see her co-conspirator  Peter Strzok testify.


No consequences for blowing off the subpoena date. 


Still I hope the interview was productive.





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