Papa John's V.S. Daddy Dale's

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The recent Papa Johns developments are pretty close to me, he started in a local bar called Micks lounge.

The city just took his name off the old high school gym.


The founder of Papa John's, John Schnatter, began his pizza career as a high school student working for Rocky's Sub Pub in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He continued this while in college at Ball State University, working as a delivery driver for Greek's Pizzaria in Muncie. Upon graduating, he began working for his father, who was co-owner of the bar "Mick's Lounge," in Jeffersonville. In 1984, he sold his car to buy out the other owner of the bar, cleaned out a broom closet and started serving pizza to customers.

In the mid 80's part of the bar was partitioned off at the east end of the building and converted into Papa John's Restaurant. When the business became franchised the restaurant closed and this section was reincorporated into the bar. John Schnatter is no longer the owner.



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Papa Johns thought his Pizza was so awesome he blamed his sponsored black athletes for slumping, his Pizza sucks and he conned the red necks of America and made millions. Party is over now.

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4 mins ago, crazybellringer said:



actually Daddy Dale has more blood on his hands. 


Daddy Dale is just a redneck hillbilly and wimmens like his sausage despite his chingina. Landyroo probably gets more **** than Papa John right now. 

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