Lake O dsichsrges, moving from St Lucie to southern route

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25 mins ago, DennisBKLYN215 said:

Glad you are enjoying the book.

Couldn't put it down once I started and I actually read it for the 2nd time after I moved to Vero late last year.


I've been in contact with the author (former journalist at Washington Post and Boston Globe, currently at Time mag) a couple of times over the last few years hoping to encourage him to update the story. 

Just checked and it is an Audible book and will be my August credit target. Thanks.

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My mom watches the news on a local channel here in ft myers called 'the wink' and I can't believe how much this story is dominating the news on that channel. 

I've mostly been going back and forth between Venice and Sanibel...however, being that this is my last day here, I was going to poke around for a couple of hours and explore a new spot (that little causeway on the north fort Myers side along the side of the Edison Bridge), but opted out due to the restart of this flow....seemed like that area was more or less a bulleye

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I have a captain friend that is a trout tournament fisherman and travels annually to Florida. The October DOA event has been changed to south-west coast away from St Lucie area  due to grass kill. He doesn't think grass kill is due to the red tide however.


How long might the red tide last...into Fall?


A friend that frequents Hobe Sound says he's seeing fish kills . I'm planning for an October surf fishing trip, don't know which direction to turn. Usually stay between Hobe and Jupiter. 

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On 7/6/2018 at 4:16 PM, saltfisherman said:

When it’s all said and done one big item from  the direction not being south comes to thought. Population of the area. 


This is right down the middle of the state. Any expansion now of development happens east of Rt 75 on the west coast. There is no room on this side of the highway. That was once all Everglades at one time. They want the area dry, can’t build on standing water. The gradient of the state of Florida is so minimal that help is needed in way of human intervention. 


We’ve had commercials running fromtime to time blaming the water quality on fertilizer. That’s right it’s the homeowners themselves they are blaming. It’s quite a coincidence that they release and we get crap water. Must be that golf course did it. Big sugar ran an ad how they employ and jobs would be lost. They employ about 25 people. The tourism industry alone employed more than that in the first mile of coastland. 


Nothing will get done again this time. If you killed a turtle they’d have you in jail. Big sugar does it, it’s just part of doing business. Kill a manatee holly crap, law and order will have you in jail so fast. Sugar does it, it’s ok there are more. 


We are so glad we don’t own a home in this area. Once they have killed the coastline this place will die too. 


This is the best of it all. They put up signs don’t swim in it. People are still swimming. Only in Florida has the sun and drinking water created so many idiots. 


Currently the slime is showing up in Cape Coral canals, as far south in the river as Ft Myers riverfront section of the city. It’s very close to the gulf. 



This, well said

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