New Pedal kayak from Pelican?

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You have someone come in here and tell us everything is fine. He's had his 03 Outback since new with no problems, tells us he still uses it and costs him a buck a that means at least 1500 trips, that was the price of an 03 if I remember right....on the other hand, that poster goes on ********s and tells the community he found a mint condition Outback and knows of the cracking issues, and inquires about reinforcing the drive well to prevent a crack. Even he knows it was a major issue but rest assured he used his 2003 for 1500 trips without a hull crack...if you believe that I have a bridge in Chelsea that I will sell you cheap too.


For those that are late to the Hobie game, Hobie had users fix their own kayak as preventive. It's too bad the old KFS forums are gone and not preserved to show you the ridiculous photos of the Hobie Pre molded cast that had to be epoxied in place.  In failed miserable and it was constant laughter back in the day in the KFS forums.  Hobie also had tapered screws that was also DIY for users. It all failed. This was with the cam style knobs that held the v1 and v2. Later, Hobie developed the click and go system that we use today and the cracks still happen, just takes longer, that's all.

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21 hours ago, tj7501 said:

You’re right - seems a bit shady given the history.


And the guy vanishing without a trace after he was called out lol..

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Just got a reply from a pelican rep on their warranty. Looks like lifetime on the hull.



Good afternoon,


The new catch 130 HyDryve will have a limited manufactures lifetime warranty on the hull of the kayak. All parts and accessories will be covered for 1 year. The warranty on the pedal drive system has yet to be determined. Once we have more information in the fall we will update our website with all the information relevant to the warranty on pedal drive system.


Best Regards


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