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Clinton Foundation Investigation is a Sham

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None of what is below comes as a surprise. 

I wonder if anything will come from it. 


FBI: Clinton Foundation Probe is a Sham; McCabe Loyalist Running Little Rock FBI Not Investigating Bogus ‘Charity’

Posted on July 5, 2018 by admin

FBI officials in the Little Rock field office in Arkansas are not actively pursuing leads on the Clinton Foundation, according to several FBI insiders who are blowing the whistle on the bureau’s investigative ruse.

Everyone and their mother knows the Clinton Foundation is a front for personal and private gain, bending and breaking numerous state and federal laws for decades.

Except, apparently, the FBI.

Little Rock FBI’s special agent in charge Diane Upchurch has all but smothered the investigation which at one point was focusing on money laundering and other financial-based crimes, FBI officials said.

“There was some momentum but that is gone,” one FBI agent said. “We made some huge inroads. This thing (Clinton Foundation probe) is on its deathbed.”

Upchurch, before taking the head job in Little Rock in 2016 after a James Comey promotion, was a lieutenant of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe in Washington, D.C. She served as a section chief (SES) in the Counterterrorism Division for nearly three years.

Pictured: Upchurch

Sources report Upchurch is a McCabe loyalist.

McCabe, who was promoted to assistant director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division by then-Director Robert S. Mueller in 2012, was Upchurch’s supervisor.

McCabe and Comey have since been fired from the FBI.

But their legacy and influence live on.

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The FBI is rotten from the head down, they need to rid themselves of these upper echelon staunch Democratic lackies. We can only hope it hasn't ruined the rank and file field agents. 

(*member formerly known as 'PCSilverstriper')

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The FBI appears to be so corrupted, only a full rebuilding from the ground up can be trusted to return the integrity we expect from them. 

An inquisition is needed to identify all those who stepped outside the lines of proper protocol. Any deviation from proper protocol is reason for termination.


The FBI should be staffed with people of the highest integrity. 

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Perhaps there is nothing to find and these are the excuses made up by those that can't handle another possible alternative.


I refuse to believe that the entire leadership of the FBI are nothing more than Clinton pawns and lackeys.

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IIRC, some Clinton mouthpiece also called it a sham back when the investigation was opened back in 2015 (was it 2015?)

Maybe something we can agree on.  ;-)

"I have ... put a lump of ice into an equal quantity of water ...  if a little sea salt be added to the water we shall produce a fluid sensibly colder than the ice was in the beginning, which has appeared a curious and puzzling thing to those unacquainted with the general fact."- Joseph Black

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2 mins ago, JoeyZac said:

Honestly, I'm sick of hearing about "normal field agents, who are great."


If "normal agents" were so great, they'd purge their leadership on their own, before we even got around to asking for it.

How... only those that have been chosen by inside Democratic operatives would get the anti Trump assignments. I don't blame the field workers... most have no idea what was going on in secrecy. They believed they would eliminate Trump and their queen would be elected, assuring no one would ever know just how corrupt they were! LOL... the corruption is being exposed and only a fool would believe anything the Democrats say now!

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18 mins ago, JoeyZac said:

Honestly, I'm sick of hearing about "normal field agents, who are great."


If "normal agents" were so great, they'd purge their leadership on their own, before we even got around to asking for it.

Who were they going to complain to?


Their corrupt bosses? That would have been an express lane posting to Dog Fart, South Dakota, the FBI takes a dim view of whistleblowers from their ranks.



Report Highlights Failures in FBI Whistleblower Protection Rules

3-4 minutes

WASHINGTON – A Government Accountability Office report released today revealed challenges facing whistleblowers at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, including limited protections for whistleblower disclosures and long delays in addressing retaliation claims. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, requested the GAO report.


“The FBI and Department of Justice, in particular, have a vested interest in investigating wrongdoing, yet when an FBI employee uncovers misconduct within the agency’s own ranks, it’s not so easy to sound the alarm without the risk of retaliation.  This report confirms that reforms are needed to empower whistleblowers at FBI and ensure they are effectively and efficiently protected against retaliation in the workplace,” Grassley said.


The report notes that the FBI is the only federal entity that does not shield from retaliation whistleblowers who make disclosures to their immediate supervisors. Instead, FBI employees are required to make disclosures to one of only nine designated high-ranking FBI officials in order to be considered as whistleblowers legally entitled to protection from retaliation.

The report also concluded that FBI guidance doesn’t clearly warn FBI employees that disclosures within the chain of command may not be protected from retaliation. Further, it found that the Department of Justice does not consistently comply with regulatory requirements regarding the investigations of alleged retaliation at the FBI.


GAO offered several recommendations for improvements including expanding protections for whistleblowers to disclosures made within the chain of command and clarifying to FBI employees where protected disclosures can be made.


A long-time advocate for whistleblowers, in addition to co-authoring both the 1989 Whistleblower Protection Act and the 2012 update designed to further protect federal whistleblowers, Grassley authored changes made in 1986 to the President Lincoln-era federal False Claims Act to empower private sector whistleblowers.  


 In an April 2014 speech marking the 25th anniversary of the original Whistleblower Protection Act, Grassley highlighted efforts to provide whistleblower protections to the intelligence community.  He has fought for FBI whistleblowers who have been retaliated against and become entangled in the bureaucratic red tape that too often traps these patriotic citizens.  For example, Grassley helped an FBI agent who blew the whistle on agents taking evidence from the site of the World Trade Center following the Sept. 11 attacks.  The whistleblower was mired in red tape and court cases for more than 10 years after being retaliated against for blowing the whistle.  Most recently, Grassley has advocated for FBI employees who appear to have been retaliated against with Loss of Effectiveness orders, a method of retaliation that allows managers to bypass the Office of Professional Responsibility and avoid basic due process for the employee whistleblowers.

GAO report.


https://www.grassley.senate.gov/sites/default/files/constituents/FINAL GAO-15-112 FBI Whistleblower Complaints.pdf



Politicians and diapers should be changed often and regularly,  invariably for the same reason.


"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."
Attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

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Funny how they're screaming to disband ICE for doing their JOBS, yet nothing but praise or silence WRT to the blatantly OBVIOUS corrupt FBI administration.



"Just as the laymen leave medicine to doctors and electronics to engineers, so people who are not qualified to think should leave all thinking to the experts and have faith in the experts' higher authority. Only experts are able to understand the discoveries of modern science, which have proved that thought is an illusion and that the mind is a myth."

Atlas Shrugged

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