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12 hours ago, steelcity said:

Thanks for the info.  Great pics as well.  I remember the days when you could find big blues like those in tight along mid coast.  Brings to mind a trip with some good friends.  One of them, the boat owner, decided to bring bartender who worked at his restaurant and who had no previous fishing experience.  Now with four of us on the boat, casting required due dillegence.  It wasn't long before we encountered topwater action and with rods at the ready started to cast.   I will do my best to describe what happened next, but it won't do it justice.  I heard a sound that is hard to replicate.  Lets just say it was sound of something hitting flesh with high velocity.  I turned around and there was my buddy with a large silver popper hanging off his lower lip.  His bartender caught him perfectly and to my amazement there was no blood.  One of the treble hooks went straight through his lower lip.  I ended up driving him to ER in Brunswick and the doc was able to cut the barb on inside of lip and remove rest of the treble hook.  Four stitches later he considered himself very lucky.  Just goes to show you what happens when common sense and situational awareness are lost in midst of bluefish blitz.  Yes,  I miss those days too.

That sounds horrible, haha.  I had a similar experience as a bystander - they guy got a roberts ranger in his nose.  He also needed a trip to the ER.  I hope we see those big numbers again, sooner than later.

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On 8/3/2018 at 8:45 PM, JerryV said:

This was the first blue I caught back in the days. 



 How are you holding him? Is that by the gill and under the mouth? 

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I have a picture of one I got st the mouth of the presumpscott as a kid... I was 12 yrs old, and I stretched from my chest to the ground. I know when they are around, everyone prefers stripers.... but they are just awesome fun to catch!

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