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On 2/25/2019 at 6:47 PM, xjclint said:

If I land a fish in 1-2 minutes, how is the gear undersized? The vr50 is not a freshwater reel. The vsx150 is practically the same size and has less drag than the vr50. A 10k sized reel wouldn't have made the fight any faster because there is only so much pressure you can put on hooks, line, and leaders. I would argue that the vr50 is far better suited than a 706 penn at 25 oz as it has a faster retrieve and better drag.


I've been fly fishing and surf fishing for a while and know a lot about c&r. Landing a fish in 1 minute on a locked drag isn't the issue with mortality (although I'm sure some fish do die due to water temp, immediate predation, etc.). It's photo ops, treble hooks, and bait fishing that take most.


Do us a favor and broaden your  knowledge base and experience before you accuse me or others of contributing to mortality. Either that or just go tuna fishing with your heavy gear.

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