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I caught this trout last month in Pennsylvania.  I caught one rainbow al week long. All of the rest were brown trout. THis one, however has strange making for a brown trout. Is this just an outlier, or could it be a brown/brookie hybrid? I know that there are a few brookies in this stream. I caught a couple here last year.



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I'd say brownie . Doesn't have any of the long maxilla that might be present if brook trout genes were there or any of the tiger trout markings

Fish doesn't look particularly fully finned, the caudal fin looks eroded ,the dorsal and pecs too . Looks like a stocked fish .



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I agree that one can make a case for Tiger......BUT......the inter-melding of the spots does not reach the degree of latent vermiculation pattern of ANY of the Tiger trout pictures I could find online AND there is no trace at all of a white line on the leading edge of the pectoral fins......which is the one most universal visual findings in all the pictures.  That characteristic is quite obvious in some and just a subtle light line in others.......but there is NOTHING at all on the unknown fish.


The variation on colors and spot patterns in Tigers (looking at online pictures) is at least as wide or wider than either a true Brown or Brookie.  In spite of that, If this is a Tiger, then it is more of an outlier for a Tiger than it is for a brown.


I have personally only caught one Tiger and it was quite different that the pictured fish.  Beyond that we can only go on the one picture of the fish and the available Tiger pictures online.


We will never know for sure.

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