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I don't think you can - unless you unwrap it in exactly the opposite manner you wrapped it..  If the head is only 30' you can usually untwist it before putting it back on the reel

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I'm with DrBob.  Ideally I wind a head off on a line twist.  But 95% of the time I am on the water and up to my navel.  I wind it onto my palm (=twist) and shove it in a pocket to deal with later.  It is only 30' and usually (eventually.....again) attached to very small, pliable running line so the twist works its way out without any noticeable problem.  Been using heads.....a lot.....for >50 years and never gave the "twist" issue any serious thought.....or had the issue rise to my consciousness to be dealt with.

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3 hours ago, bobbrown said: change heads out on the water and need to coil it up to store on your shooting head wallet. How do you coil it without twisting the thing.



Bob et all,


Learned the following as a volunteer at our local folk music coffee like a charm, no twist and cables lay out nice and straight.   Audio cables can be expensive so keeping them intact is important.    Try it you'll like it.





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