Ever Been Chased By Someone At Night While Fishing?

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4 hours ago, DAQ said:


Thanks for posting that DAQ. Good tactics on your part, keeping an eye on this perp, as you worked your way down the beach and he was sort of chasing you.  


Lots of people seemed to not take this thread seriously but your report is exactly what I'm talking about. Running away was obviously the wise thing to do instead of trying to physically subdue that guy way out on the beach. 

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One tactic that I learned early in life and passed it on to my kids is if you're being following ( can't get away) or confronted by a crazy person act crazier than them. It works!


One night many years ago my wife and I flew into Newark NJ airport after midnight after a ski trip out West.

I got my car from long term parking which took a while since the car didn't start right away. I returned to the terminal, it stalled and wouldn't start. Anyone who has been to Newark airport knows how far the remote parking is almost off the airport property.


It was close to 2 am now the airport was winding down, no security in the departure area and a few local "helpful" citizens were beginning to show up?


I told my wife as I tried to start the car which wasn't starting watch this.

I got out of the car, kicked it ( without denting it), kicked it again, took off my shirt, walked to a large airport size garbage can, kicked it ( and dented it), pushed it over, flipped it over, flipped in over again, no shirt on yelling the whole time. 

I looked around and they were gone!


The car finally started and we took off.


Crazy vs crazy just be the craziest! Crazies and criminals like victims and they know how dangerous crazy is!


This was an extreme example and variations of this work well.

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