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I'm very jealous!  I was out even in January and one of the few things to target was weakfish.  Didn't get any of course.  Nice work and good to see they really are here!  How about some cod next :)

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Yeah, yeah...frikkin weakies....I watched EVERYBODY but me catch a few last week. IDCare, they're a stoopid fish, anyhow. I mangaged 2 bass and an almost night ending tangle. Know when I got the tangle? Just as my bud beside me caught weakies on consecutive casts.Know when I got my line untangled? Just as the entire beach shut down. Swear to crinkles....slung lures for another hour, did not see another fish taken.


I'm gonna go check to see how much weed is in the water tonight. Was gonna try last night but a frikkin tornado came thru.


Anyhow....congrats on the weakfish.


I don't sound jealous, do I?

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