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For the last several years I've tried to accomplished what I call the North River Slam which consists of a trout , American shad , and a striper all on the same day from the North River or one of it's tributaries . So far the Slam has eluded me , but yesterday I gave it another shot . This time of year the state does a good job of stocking so the trout part of the slam is the most reliable . It took a little while longer than I expected but I finally caught a nice rainbow on bead head sparrow , and in quick scission a largemouth bass and a yellow perch feel for the sparrow .




Now it was time to move to another section of the river where the shad were . The shad has been the most elusive of the three for me to catch . I staked myself out in a pool which ironically called the shad pool and started drifting a olive wooly bugger into the current . Nothing was showing , no splashes or wakes made by moving fish so my confidence level was on the low side when all of a sudden my line came tight and my 6wt. doubled over . I was thinking about where my next move would be to catch the striper to complete the slam while fighting the shad when the hook pulled free .Servers me right for being over confident I thought to myself .And that was it for the rest of the morning , I spent so much time trying to catch a shad I left no time for the stripers . So my quest for the North River Slam continues  .   

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Tom, good report. I have to admit it has been a long time since I have heard anyone mention "the Sparrow". That was one of my favorite flies for trout, especially in Long Pond.


I hope you get another crack at your slam real soon, all we need is a little help from Mother Nature.

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Nice - I did get a slam of sorts there the other day with 6 shad, 2 rainbow and one herring  - all on a shad dart fly. I never caught even one rainbow in all the times I've been shad fishing there (did catch one small brown trout what seems like a 100 years'm guessing that it's just my 'mojo' year for trout as I've done very well after getting skunked on my first several outings for trout back in mid April (my local river in the metro west area is usually good to go by Patriots Day, but not this year)...

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