NYT’s Kristof: Media Must Kick Its Trump Addiction

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It has been suggested that “a memo seems to have gone out” that the Dems and their Media supporters have to get off the “All Trump, All the Time” “addiction” That the facts are not supporting that script is not the worry, it is that the American people, who will vote in November, don’t seem nearly as worked up as the Media and many professional Dems.


The memo seems to have been received by Jimmy Kimmel, Mayor Willie Brown, the 538 staff, and others.  


And, based on yesterday, apparently the NYT’s Nicholas Kristof may have been one of the “recipients” of that memo. As he explains on CNN this weekend, the Media is so addicted to anti-Trump reports, the proverbial “tree”, that they are missing the important stories that are the rest of the “forrest”. Note, Kristof calls this anti-Trump obsession “an addiction”. 


That Kristof said that on Brian Stetler’s is ironic given Stetler is CNN’s principal anti-Trump cheerleader. 


Kristof also credits Trump for helping improve the financial fortunes of the Media whose business model as suffering before Trump won. He actually says that had Hillary won, the Media would have been in a boring time again, and financial trouble. 


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We should start a list of these people when they change their tune.

It might prove valuable to have it all in one place in the future.

We are trend spotters if nothing else.

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