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How’s it going SOL.

 So as the season progresses and strides into the full swing, I find myself seeking new fishing grounds. Especially with crowds they way they are at some of the more popular, productive spots.  


Im wondering what you salty dogs do to dissect an area once you have picked one to fish.


Do you start at the top of the water column and work your way down? Start at the bottom with something like a bucktail to gain contour perspective and work your way up? 


To be clear, I’m not asking for spots, so please don’t be specific. Just elaborate on what you do to fish a spot once you have found it.  

Tight lines everyone!! 

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Fish it various tides and conditions and hope the fish cooperate. Inless the spot is 20+ feet  deep,I typically start on top and work my way down. 

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I will always take 5-10 minutes or more to observe what is happening around me when I am fishing a new spot before I even drop a line in the water.


Check out the wind and where its pushing from and more importantly where its pushing to. Look for signs of bait or predator. Check the depth with a bucktail. Direction of current, where is the current going. What structure is causing the current to change/current breaks. Etc...

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