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Jigman 1 1/2 oz darters Thursday evening

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Thursday evening, around 7 PM eastern, I'll have a batch of 1 1/2 oz ( 5 inch) resin darters up for sale. Price will be $18. These will do well in mild to moderate current.


Back around 2008 I built my first successful darter that I could reproduce well. I've made a number of them over the years and done well with them, but always had 1 or 2 in each batch that did not swim right. Biggest reason that I did not do any wood darters for sale. After putting out some of the 2 oz resin darters I had some folks inquire about smaller and larger sizes. I went for the small size first because I have more use for that size myself. I making the resin version, I went through my stash of 1 1/2 oz wood darters that I had built over the years and tested all of them. The best of those I set aside and used to make the master for the mold. 


As I noted above, folks have also inquired about a larger size darter. I have a 3 1/4 oz (7 inch) version that I like. Molds are made already. Those are coming, though not sure when.


A shot of what will be up for sale tomorrow:




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On 6/20/2018 at 3:24 PM, frazerp said:

Any little darters on the way ???

Don't have any planned for the immediate future. Had a batch recently, so will most likely do other styles first. If there is a real interest in another batch sooner, I would be happy to work on another batch sooner. 

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