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18 hours ago, snapper1 said:

Hi all

I've never caught a striper on a popper while flyfishing...( Caught some on pencils in CCC...)

I'd like to put more energy to it this coming season.

What's your experience ?


18 hours ago, JCH said:

Two words: Gartside's Gurgler.  Made for stripers.


Because a few people said "Gartside Gurgler" ....



Further I would say that the conditions of "the bite" that Stripers might be on matters. Schooligans are more prone to attack topwater if they're on a "feed" like the Striper above. In the Spring after spawning the Schooligans get fairly aggressive feeding they fatten up for migration back out to saltwater environs. That said a fun way to fish / search for Stripers at night is with a small black popper fished near some tidal outflow (or other "fishy" habitat).


Good Luck with your Striper fishing 2018!

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Bob is a great guy and a heck of an innovative tier but the Banger is a crap design.The way the hook is set in the middle of the foam blocks much of the gap,which leads to people saying dumb things like,"you miss a lot of hook-ups w/ poppers".No,bad fly design.It would perform much better if the hook was set at the bottom of the foam so the hook gap wasn't blocked.

Flat and cup cup faced poppers are just kinda "meh" as being efficient at making noise. A face cut at a 45 deg angle w/ the hook set low in the foam fishes best and makes the most noise and commotion.

Poppers are a go-to for me when it comes to stripes,draws fish big and small from a long ways away and is a quick way to assess what's in the water in front of you.

Blues love poppers,I'm never upset when a blue takes,lb for lb ,they fight way better than stripers.I love to see an angry pack of blues terrorizing my popper but a lot of times when they take they bite the fly so hard you think you've hooked them but as they pull away they then open their mouth and let go.I've learned that when blues take you need to set multiple times bcz they're biting down so hard on the fly the first set or two often doesn't result in sinking the hook point.

White for daytime and black for night time are the only colors you need,anything else is just window dressing,esp fancy bodies as the fish pretty much don't see that part.

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I agree with slip n slide here.  I have never been a fan of the Banger Popper.  For me, it just never pushed enough water.  I like the Edgewater poppers in all sizes, but sadly, you probably can not find them as they went out of business years ago.  As far as when to use them, pretty much anytime.  I love tossing them along sod banks in quiet water...:)

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Luckily I still have a good supply of Edgewater foams...:) For popper heads I often use cylinders that I modify to make them more effective...I guess my snook poppers will work for stripers...


Some of the gurglers I just tied...Hope they work !






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