90's Era System 2 Spool Compatibility

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Good day SOLers,

 will the spools shown in top pic - the original System 2 style drag/clicker - fit the style shown below with the next gen over sized clicker gear?   The attachment point on my original style spools looks the same as on the newer version but that clicker gear is much thicker.


Thanks folks!









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Your pictures show the first version and third version of that series. There was another version in between those two.

I've interchanged spools with all three versions.



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Given what you've shown in the pictures ... I doubt it. The first two generations of Sci Angler System II series reels were essentially the same design (with inter-compatible interchangeable spools) as designed & manufactured in the U.K. Their 3rd generation of System II (the lower pic) with a flat black finish had different internal gearing / drag plate ... so I doubt that the Gen I & II spools will interface correctly. Don't know for sure ... but the thought that you could never occurred to me when I had those fly reels in my collection.


Let me know how it turns out .... should you attempt to mate the different generations.

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It doesn't matter what the internal gearing and drag plate is. As long as their is a notched

base plate to accept the two protruding keys on the backside of the spool, and at the end of

the "axle" there is a locking cone, it will accept that spool.


I've attached a picture of all three versions of that series. Earliest to latest from left to right.

And the spool in the picture is from the first version and it fits and works on all versions. So if

your second picture looks like the third reel on the right, you are good to go.


What will happen over time if you use a spool/reel combination for a long time and then attach

the spool to another reel, it might not fit as snugly. There may be some play in it. The design of 

these reels have wear issues that many other reels don't.


Speaking of which, the last version has the worst wear issues. I can go into it in more detail

if you'd like by PM. I had to throw one of those away not too long ago. If I was to buy one of

these reels now on the used marked, I would stay away from the third version, and I would prefer

the 2nd version over the 1st as it has wider drag pads.




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I forgot to mention I've also had tolerance issues with these reels. I bought a brand new one in

the 90's and a spare spool for it, same versions of both. And the new spare spool barely fit on

the reel. It was difficult to get it locked on. So you are dealing with that also when swapping spools




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