2018 Sea Robin Fishing Tournament

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13 hours ago, ijuanaspearfish said:

Biggest I caught was about 20 inches, not sure on weight.


They are great strip bait for fluke if I'm having a slow day and they aren't hitting gulp.

I use the strips on my tandem rigged spros for big fluke. Almost anything will work but sea robin is one of the best. I heard they can also be livelined for stripers 

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Checking it out.  I can never seem to catch them when I want to.  Several years ago I ran into a huge number of them in LI while striper fishing from shore with a fly rod.  Went back and picked up the kids.  Must have caught 25 or so, most with a fly rod. Saved a few of the large one to eat.  Very tasty. 



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Your experience may differ, but:


One time, fishing clear water from a pier. I watched a robin that was 40 yards out (estimated) watch and follow my lure in. On successive casts the robin would track and chase the lure about 5 yards, then quit the chase. The robin would resettle into the sand, stay put, and then I'd cast again...and again..subtle body movement told me the robin 'saw' the lure, got very interested as the lure passed over, and then chase for another 5 yards, and settle in again. At some point, the robin would no longer come closer to shore, this was at about 2.5 ft deep. 


It is my opinion, from a few observations, that robins will watch bait, and sneak to a position where they think the bait will pass by again, camp there and wait. A very good strategy for catching them is to use a light jig/grub or minnow lure, and repeatedly retrieve it along the same path. I've also had luck, at daybreak, when I've seen many of them take small bait off the surface. If I mark/remember where I saw them breach, and cast over that spot -a minute later- I got a good % to take a swipe. I 'think' they really like to dive and hide again before they strike again. I also think the little croaking bastages know where each other are, and a size dominance territory thing takes place, and they keep at least 5 yards apart. Two will chase the same lure, but in my few observances, the smaller one gives up the chase quicker when the robins are close to each other.


There's only one spot that I actually target them for the table, and that's 1 or 2x/year. They're good eating and easily cleaned as said earlier in thread. I have suspicions they're occupying an abandoned niche in the ecosystem that lobster used to occupy....I think they tolerate warmer water and pesticides better than lobster. < speculation, there.


Once I threw a Sabiki under the bridge just to see what was down there, and caught like 7 species, including a tiny sea robin. Got a cool picture.



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13 mins ago, Marty said:

No. This is a joke.  Nice try. 

Marty, this is real. The massive Robin migration is underway now and you should be prepared. The VR50 with 20# braid should handle the early season blitzes. The robins should be pushing massive schools of herring any day now!!

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