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Take it to a retailer who sells the braid you want. Many work off large capacity spools but even if yours does not, they will work it out for you. 
I do this ll the time when I'm low on line. Lines are 150 and 300 yards. It only takes them a few minutes to pull it off and tell me what's on the spool, then it's decision time.

On a 125 you won't need a whole lot of backing, or maybe line because you are probably not targeting moby.

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13 hours ago, pakalolo said:

KEEERIST, it's not that complicated, maybe 10 wraps of 15 lb mono and then fill er up.

This is how I have my vr125 spooled with 30# powerpro. It's true there are only enough mono wraps to cover the spool base, then a 300 yd spool of power pro 30 will fill it to capacity. 

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On 3/31/2018 at 6:55 PM, Foxtrapper said:

I just picked up a vr125. It states it will hold 400yrds of 20lb braid ,but I would like to load it with 30lb. Do you think it will hold 300yrds or so of the 30lb?

I have a 125... I use 1 wrap of electric tape instead of mono backing. the spool will hold almost exactly 300 yds  (depending on type).. 

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