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Your pick- best fly reel for stripers?

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I have an Orvis Clearwater.  The drag works great for albies so it should be able to handle most stripers.  I'm not sure how long it will last in saltwater but at  under $100, it's work considering.

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If your just getting into the game no need to go crazy and buy high stuff, time and experiences will teach you a lot and experience is always a good thing to fall back on when deciding what it is may want to buy down stream. 

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Danielsson F3w 7-10 because it is sealed well and is easy to disassemble/repair. Their quality is much better than reels of the same price as they are direct to customer so you are basically paying distributor price.


On the other hand... they are based in sweeden so if you have an issue it might not be the most convenient thing to send it back. They will sell/send drag packages though so you can repair it yourself (as i mentioned before they are very easy to open up with only an allen key). 


And like BFD said, a top end reel isn't necessary for stripers. Something cheap like a redington behemoth (very nice reel for the money) would work just as well as a top end reel, providing you arent planning on dunking it. Also, you might not even need a reel with a drag, I don't there has been an instance with a striper where my reel was actually a factor in landing the fish (I have never gotten to my backing with one either).

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Tons of good options out there, but here's my top pics:

If you are wanting to keep the price down, I would probably recommend looking at a Lamson or Colton- Sierra Trading Post always seems to have some great deals going on Lamsons.

If you want a lifetime reel and are "into" reels in general....I'd recommend the following:  Hatch Finatic (Gen. 2), Ross Evolution R Salt,  Abel SDS, or Van Staal F Series. 

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Lotta options at all prices 


I see a lot of these used or mentioned


Redington Behemoth

TFO Atoll

Colton Terrapin or Torrent

3 Tand T90

Van Staal

Tibor Riptide


My Ownfavorites are a reel not sold anymore (Van Staal CVEX) and Islander LX 4.0


Or, you can always start with an Orvis Clearwater. Can’t be much over $100


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Owned a lot of different ones, imo nothing beats my Islander LX 4.0.

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