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These are the ones I got at the show. Very expensive but they look just like uncle josh. I’m surprised I haven’t heard anything about them on here. I’ve been looking for new solutions as well even though I have 5 jars of uncle josh for now. 


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Last year I was using curly tails during the "bluefish days". I found them to last longer when the blues are the huge variety. The fish just engulf the whole rig saving the tail for at least a few fish.

The smaller guys hit the back most times and the tails rarely go more that two fish. 

Anyone else have similar results ?

My next effort will be this spring with the RockyShoreTackle rinds. Hopefully old yellow eyes will be gentle.

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bump to the top.


Used them almost exclusively last season. Worked great.

The only issue I found is occasionally I would accidentally rip them off the hook when stripping clumps of weed.

I never remember ever being able to do that with porkrind.

They are easy enough to hook it back on...unless of course you accidentally through it in the water with the bubble weed.

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26 mins ago, puppet said:

Timely bump for a winter project and to be 2021 compliant.


Tight lines my bucktailing brothers and sisters!!!




I got turned onto these in another thread on here.  


One thing I LOVE about them is I can cut a piece and fold up. Stick it in my box and I'll always have a trailer for a jig.  


I keep small plano boxes in the car, on my schoolbus, in my wife's car.  For those JIC moments and it's a perfect accompaniment. 

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Yeah,  I posted it here and OTW published up my article too a few years ago.  It probably has been getting around.


I never cut them the way I describe any more....too much work and waste.
I do this instead.

1. Cut a rectangle that is 5.5" wide and and even inch length long.
2. just eyeball alternating cuts from about a half inch to an eight inch, from one side to the other along the 5.5" width.

So alternate which side the thick taper starts.  First cut would be thick to thin left to right, second cut thick to thin right to left....back and forth until I run out of material.

Matching the profile of an actual josh strip makes no difference and this is just faster.

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On 1/12/2021 at 1:37 AM, bass11 said:

Anyone ever tried white felt from the friendly neighborhood craft store?

Felt does not move the same way and probably degrades faster.  Felt, pigskin, and goatSkin are other options but this is about getting closer to the behavior of uncle josh. 


For those who think that the Otter tails or Fat Cow are as good as pork are missing some of the subtly in the differences in motion. 

A bucktail dressed with anything can work.  Hackle, rubber, jelly worms, balloon ribbons, cloth, etc...you name it.  I just feel that the pork works the best and the absorber thing is a close second and far better than other alternatives.


Some guys have posted other pork strip options on this thread.  Believe me I tried them all and none of are even close to the motion and durability of the UJ products when they were in their prime,and now we pay more for less.  All the new strips degrade faster because Uncle Josh had them treated with some formaldahide type solution.  It was not just a normal brine.


Anyway, I encourage everyone to give it a try. Your wallet will thank you.

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