Tail Flags and Open Eye Siwash - LET'S GET READY!

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5 hours ago, gabeskillzz05 said:

I was only looking for a few, maybe 5. Maybe I’ll just go with the siwash instead. Let me do some research on switching to siwash and I’ll get back to you. 

No problem, let me.know.


If you are set on treble hooks, and if it is just 5, I will do it to help you out this time.  Don't know what it would cost as I don't keep trebles on hand.

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On 2/16/2018 at 5:35 PM, NJTramcar said:

The name says it all.


$3.00 each or order 5 or more and price drop to $2.50 each.


$6.00 shipping.


All feature:

  • Mustad Hooks
  • Hair
  • flash
  • 2 ton epoxy finish


Let me know what you need!

Hi this is marcano looking for 40 dollars worth of flags I think that gets you 16 flags I would like you to give me  some of your  classic colors white green yellow black blue but I was hoping you could type some mixed colors at your discretion maybe like a pink and white and if you could throw a little extra flash in no problem let me know how much and rough estimate how long but please no rush don’t really like solid colors could you throw a little white into your solid colors

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Hey, it’s your lucky day.  I thought I had locked this thread when I put the updated one on but no worries, I will honor these.

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