new Ford Bronco ?

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On 4/19/2019 at 10:45 PM, riggler said:



Now this i would go for....even vegan tree huggers would approve....


Another reminder of my youthful stupidity.

I had one of those old Broncos, a 74, 302, posi rear, and 35" tires with a lift.

Damn thing was almost unstoppable, almost because I got er hung up on a tree stump once, buried in the snow, it was just the right height, and width to stop it dead in the tracks.

Sold it for what I paid for it, even after I abused it every chance I could. Now it would be worth 10X that, easy. Shoulda kept it under a tarp...

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9 hours ago, garrr said:

Looks like it has IFS, Hope not!

the Raptor has it and does OK.....Ford has said they're competing with the Jeep Wrangler so I can see them offering a solid front axle(Rubicon) as a trim level, why wouldn't they ?


Way past my rock climbing days …..I'll take the IFS and highway tires that are decent in snow and be thrilled  :laugh:

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ETZ ? ….. word is we may get a peak in the Spring or more likely early Fall next year and they'll be for sale early 2021 .


riggler's pic above is what the insiders are saying it's gonna look like, 2 and 4 dr. versions and very retro . Of course there's gonna be different trim levels …..


peruse this site, plenty of rumors, renditions, guesses and some insider info, Ford has *really* put a lid on any info sneaking out to the Public .



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