new Ford Bronco ?

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2 hours ago, hoakge12000 said:

i think you guys should stop hoping now to avoid future disappointment. 

It's almost guaranteed they **** it up regardless. The SUV market is overrun with wimmen driving their little princesses off to dance academy anyway. Toyota completely ****ed up the relaunch of the FJ. Hideous piece of **** compared to the original.

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all you guys hoping for an old school bronco, it ain't gonna happen. Yes I said ain't also. I'll stick with my 67 bronco, 289 v8, automatic trans, power steering. Bought it in 93 and restored it over the winter in 94. Been tinkering with it since then. Bronco prices have exploded in the last 3 years, it's like money in the bank I say. If I could figure out how to post pictures I's throw one up for everyone to see. No top, no doors, no heat. Basically it's a toy for the spring, weekends and summer. 

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