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Hello everyone, 


Last year a bought a Star Rod Stellar SG90IS.  Around that time one of the swanky exclusive beach clubs in my area decided to push a bunch of sand right up to the adjacent groin that separates their beach and the public beach,  this effectively created covered crevices (booby traps) between the rocks. So while i was walking on the sand next to the rocks my foot plunged through the sand into one of these covered crevices resulting in a nasty leg scrap, a dislocated pinky and worst of all I broke the top piece of my brand new rod.   


I tried contacting Star Rods to see if i could purchase a replacement top piece since the butt piece is perfectly fine.  Star Rods was gracious enough to ignore my communications, awesome customer service! Since I have a practically brand new butt section I wanted to try and build a new top piece on my own.  I am new to rod building so I thought this project would be the perfect way for me to get started. Additionally I think it will be fun to experiment with rod pieces to use for different applications.  I wanted to see if anyone could offer some advice about how I should go about picking a blank to make the top piece from.   

I understand that the rod relatively inexpensive and it might make more sense financially to just replace the entire rod but it would really bother me to just throw away the butt section.  


Thanks in advance for any advice!  

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I did this on a century 11 ft I had few years ago found a loomis musky blank at cabalas bargin baseemnt for 10$ I cut down the 7 ft loomis blank so its butt matched my ferrule a little at a time until the fit was perfect only lost 3 inches overall so ita a 10'9" the color was jet black just like the century. the thing to do look for a used rod or blank that has similar modules and dimension  cut the butt on the new tip piece until ferrules fit rerap good to go

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