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How high is your water table?  


My buddy put a very nice lift in his garage for under $2K.


If you really want to do it on the cheap watch the video below and know that you could very easily make something like this with stuff from the local lumber store:



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I cant see how a properly constructed pit could be cheaper than a lift. Unless you're working with heavy equiptment a good 2 post lift is only 2-3k. Unless your idea of a pit is just a hole in your garage floor full of dirt it will cost more than that. Not to mention a lift can do way more. And yes pits require lots of codes. Wall thickness, escape area, ventilation, spill control. I have a pit at my shop and we dont even work on cars... just leftover from the past. The walls starting collapsing years ago so now its stuffed with 4x4's to keep the rest of our floor from breaking and we dump a bag of cement in the hole once in a while. By 2056 it should be fixed. 



Moral of the story... you're a damn idiot if you put in a pit. 

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It's much cheaper if you put it in before you pour the floor. And it's much faster for most regular maintenance than a lift.

But lift does have advantages when your doing heavier maintenance.

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