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12 hours ago, prican1 said:

I sent you info on this last week in a PM, do you have a specific issue with your VS? 

Nope.  I got that information, thank you very much.  That will get me into the body and allow me to switch over to gear oil.  I was looking to see if anyone had done a full breakdown with pics, etc. Never hurts to have that if digging into the reel if you need a new clutch or pinion bearing or something.  But the one I have is in perfect working order, but it is a mechanical device, eventually something will need replacing.


I guess one thing that would help is also how to avoid that lock out situation that people run into.

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avet4life the 4 min video was a good one, you get the reel apart 99% of it, there is one other tool needed to do a total brake down and that is the one needed to remove the AR needle bearing or to replace a bad one, the tool is is not shown and he didn't remove the AR bearing, there is a tool for removing the AR bearing and re-installing it. l have made one years ago you will need something to push or pull out that AR bearing. Don't have a AR bearing to put on the tooling, but l think you get the idea.

 Even made a pinion houseing assembly out stainless steel just to have a spare picture #2741 or in first picture. Now you don't need the pinion bearing puller, early reels had press on bearing on the the pinion assembly newer reels slip fit. 

This is the tooling l had made years ago for VS100-150 there also tooling to remove the round side covers per-dates hex side covers.





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