HELP!! Turtle sitting issue.

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It's owner left it here, the tank water went green really fast. ( two days ).


I took an oven mitt and put him in the upstairs bathroom sink.

Now, here is the problem. This is not your everyday pond turtle. It has tried to bite me ( vicious) 4 times since I put him in the sink. His owners stinky rock can't be touched with an attack. 


Any local SOL guys around that can help with this situation.? It has to get out of the sink! 


I don't want to put it down with a pellet gun ( pit-turtle ) since that would ruin the sink.


What do I do? I can't calm it down since the owner didn't tell me it's name!!!!

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Did the tank not have a filter? We had a baby snapper bout that size in 10gal tank with 3 inches of water and a immersion filter. I don't know if you can kill a red eared slider with neglect or green water, they're an invasive pest in many places.

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