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Hi all


I’ve been lurking for a few weeks and decided to sign on as a member. 


First off I’d like to thank you all for all the information I’ve been able to find here. The search function is definitely a great tool :)


It’s been longer than I care to admit since I’ve held a fishing rod in my hands but as kid my folks owned a house at the Jersey shore and my dad and I would wake up pretty early to take the small 17’ boat we had out onto the bay to do some crabbing and fishing. Those were great times for me as I got to spend time lots of time with my dad one on one for hours at a time. Late in my teens my dad passed away and we ended up selling the shore house. I kept the boat for several years but later decided to sell it as well - because frankly I felt it would be better for someone else to enjoy it rather than have it just sit there. 


Fast forward about 25 years or so and the wife and I decided to buy a place at the Jersey shore this past summer. Given what I remember about owning boats I’ve decided to not do that right now :) - which has brought me here. 


I’m thinking about doing some surf fishing in South NJ. Of course, I’m a total noob and have been soaking up info as fast as I can. I read the newbie thread and bought Zeno’s book.  I’ve been looking over at the BST as well as I’d like to pick up some decent gear. I’ll need to wait a few posts though to make any offers :).


As is usual for me my head is spinning with all the choices of rods, reels, lures, etc. So if there’s any info you’d like to pass my way feel free to offer it up in this post. But really I just wanted to say “hi”




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Welcome, I too spent years fishing with my dad.  Those memories are precious for sure.  I too took a 30 year break as well and only got back into it in the last few years.   Well, it’s addicting that’s for sure.   Lots of good people here with lots to f experience.  Good luck and tight lines!!!

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I'll use this post to introduce myself as well.


I live on cape cod and I love to fish cape beaches and the canal.

I've been learning from this forum for a while now and decided I'd get an account.

Seems like a great community on here.

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Thanks Birdsnester, I'm looking  forward to gaining some knowledge from all the experienced folks here. 


I know I've only been here a day, but welcome aboard topwater!

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