Ditch Trolls' Breakfast on Sun, 1/21/18: All are welcome!

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Greetings, fellow Trolls and all other striper anglers.


In response to my earlier post re dates for a Trolls' breakfast, ( we have all settled on the date (1/21/18) and location (Leo's Breakfast Restaurant, 249 Main St, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532) starting at 0730. 


Here's how it works:

--Just like the breakfasts we all enjoyed in 2017, everybody orders off the menu and pays their own tab (and the waitresses have had no problem with that in the past).

--Optional plug swap.  Very simple:  if you'd like to participate, just bring a plug to swap. About 1/2 of prior attendees participated, so, for the new folks, please do not feel obligated.


This is open to all anglers who can attend, with the caveat that "attitude" isn't well-tolerated.  (Good-natured ribbing, catching up, making plans for 2018, sharing secrets (and lies!) are all expected.) We could not care less where you come from, nor what you drive, nor your choices of reels, rods, plugs, etc., for those do not define an angler.  As for age, the Trolls who have befriended me in the last two years range in age along a 70-year continuum, and I could not be more thankful for their friendship, enthusiasm and advice.


From my exploratory post, the following are planning to attend:


shark lobster


R.R. Bridge Fisher


Matt A. Poisett


FEW3 (with possible "sassy guest"!!)


Waiting to hear from Dmac, beerdoh, TBYRD, GraniteStRockfish (I have plugs for you, Carl), PlumFishing (I have a rod and reel for you), The BuzzardsBayBruin, MikeBlue, mybosox3, SKS, and many others.


Please direct all future comments to this thread, whether those are invitations to others to join us or indications that you will attend.


I will inform Leo's that we will be descending upon them once more on this date.


I'm looking forward to seeing many familiar faces and meeting new friends.


As one of my friends keeps telling me, "The days are getting longer"!!!!

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