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Have everything set ready for the finish coat. Besides one more coat of "hulk" green. If I were to use a metallic silver coat under the last coat of green would that give a candy appleish effect? I've read something about that but not so sure..... If anyone has any ideas on how I can achieve this please let me know.... Please forgive my ignorance. This is the first blank painting I have ever attempted. One more  question, will Valspar High Gloss Lacquer be alright for the final top coat? The last thing I want it to do it crack and chip during bends. Anyone ever use it?


The base layer is valspar primer in white. next layer is rust-oleum fluorescent (I do not believe either is enamel based as I read the top coat would eat it) was planning on wet sanding the second layer (florescent green) applying a metallic silver coat wet sanding again and laying down one more light layer of (fluro green I was told the metallic silver (or would you go with metallic gold) under would give it a semi candy apple look?) before the Lacquer coat? Does this sound wrong? Sorry I'm just trying to figure this out.... I've read so many different ways of doing this but not sure which is the way to go. Can anyone help?




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Also wondering should I use CPXtra Rod Finish as the final coat? or would that make it very heavy? Looking to do it right? Can anyone give me some tips. This is for a different rod than above (gator) which is much more parabolic. Was hoping to do a chamelion style paint color (maybe even from a car paint shop) Because of how much it bends I am leery about paint/finish cracking. 




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