Icing some stripers!!

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Ice fishing is the one thing I have never tried and I don't know why because I know that I have fished Salters in February on days that were colder than some days I could have ice fished. At this stage of the game I think I will continue doing the same thing.


Good job bye the way  !

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When anyone mentions that they would like to try ice fishing I recommend that they wait until a really sunny day in late Feb. with light winds and head out. Bring a lounge chair along with a small charcoal grill and venison. Nothing better !!!!  Oh, and you might catch a fish or two ! :howdy:

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Sure the winter is cold, and can be uncomfortable, but so can a cold, wet and windy night in October on the cape.


I never thought about ice fishing, mainly because I was skiing and snowboarding during the earlier years.

Then I started ice fishing years ago and I WELCOME the cold icy days of winter.

The colder the better! Why? because it means the ice will be forming and I will be fishing soon!


Just like surf casting on wet windy nights, if you dress appropriately it isn't bad.

Plus you can bring friends, a grill and maybe some favorite libation (if the mood strikes you).


Check out local ice fishing websites for a better idea of how popular the sport is..(Ever wonder what site the people move to during the winter???)


It's definitely worth checking out, at least once.

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Yeah I love to ice fish and if your new pick a day that’s overcast and in the 20’s or 30’s with little wind.

the stripers are super active on melting ice days I have videos of up to 15 or more stripers actively chasing my jig!

some I’ve got are keepers!

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