10', 11' and 12' Black Hole East Coast Special arrived.

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These East Coast Special rods are rated for 2 - 6 oz. The East Coast Special rated for 3/4 oz - 4 oz will be here by March 2018.

Unfortunately the blanks are not available now. We expect them by March 2018.

The prices are vey reasonable for promotion. 

The retail prices are $340 for the 10'. $350 for the 11' and $360 for the 12'.




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10'. 11, and 12' Black Hole East Coast blanks for 2 - 6 oz and 3/4 oz - 4 oz will arrive by Feb 15 before shows start.

Unfortunately 10', 11' and 12' Black Hole East Coast rods for 3/4 oz - 4 oz will not be here until March.


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1 hour ago, Contact said:

Hi Kil,

Is the East coast special a nano blank? In the photos available it looks to have the same material as the 96 striper?

Nano mixed in.  

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here is a review of 11' Black Hole East Coast Special by Frank Mackney. Frank is not affiliated with Black Hole USA

I met him at Black Hole Demo Day in Long Island.  After casting the protype 11' East Coast rod, he asked me whether he could test in Montauk and I promised him to rent the rod to him. 

I am told he is hardcore surf fisherman who fishes Montauk a lot. 

I told him I want his honest opinion. Before he posted, he asked what material is used and I asked Black Hole to get the answer. 




Greetings Surfcasters , I’d like to give a product review on the new black hole, east coast Surf series 1102 2-6’ Surf rod that was given to me by Kil Song to test , the blank is a 50/50 split , So I fished this rod for a few nights and I am very impressed to say the least, this blank is comprised of a nano-based resin material which is designed for strength, durability and is super lightweight , when I had this rod in my hands I couldn’t believe how lightweight it was for an 11’ Surf rod, clearly this rod is in a class by itself in my opinion , high end components and materials are put into this blank making it very powerful yet sensitive enough to feel what’s happening with your plug, the technology and design of this rod is unlike anything I’ve seen in a Surf rod, Truly innovative and well thought out!!! The designers knew exactly what the east coast surfcaster wanted and delivered , So my experience with this rod is very different than what I’m used to fishing , When I took my first cast my immediate reaction was “wow” I was very surprised how the rod loaded and how smooth the cast was, it virtually took no effort and the distance I got was incredible , I casted everything from SP Minnows to 6.5oz plugs and the blank handled it all with ease, The sweet spot on this rod is 2.5-3oz. I must say casting this rod is easy on the body as well, I didn’t have to put my back into loading this rod like I have to with my other rods , it didn’t take much to load this rod, it basically casts itself , This rod can be fished all night and you won’t be fatigued at all!! As I loaded the rod I felt the blank bend so smooth at the top half as I released the plug on the cast and it recovered fast giving it a precise smooth cast!! The top half of the rod has medium action feel as it tapers down the blank to the Ferrell where the bottom half of the rod gets meaty to the butt , This rod is very powerful and can take a beating whether your fishing rocky areas, jetties or sand beaches it’s super versatile for any conditions , The black hole east coast series surf blanks were designed specifically for the serious surfcaster , So if you’re in the market for a new Surf rod and want to take your surfcasting game to the next level definitely check out these rods , They’re at a great price point and won’t kill your pockets , These rods are manufactured in Korea. * Thanks and tight lines!!!

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Here is a report of tarpon from the shore using 12' Black Hole East Coast Special by Mike Basnite.

He is using IRT 800 reel.




Windy nasty rainy weather along with the moon phase typically equates to a nice surf bite . As a surf fisherman my mind constantly is thinking and calculating the perfect times to execute what I set out to accomplish.

I finnally had the chance to put the Black Hole USA Prototype 12' East Coast spinning version to the test tonight the rod performs to my standards the casting abilities are by far excellent being able to throw long distances to cover more water to find those lurking fish the pure power of the rod fighting fish felt great . I was able to hook into some rather large tarpon only to lose them in the wash.


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