I Had Better Day Than This Guy...

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5 mins ago, Jdeadman66 said:

I’d likely realize I live or work in a ghetto and feel the need to take stock of my life.

The very reason I left Long Island


What do you if you’re this guy? 


Where do you get 3 spares in a hurry?

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14 mins ago, Cfinnely68 said:


Did you check for a body?

No body. Just an empty bottle of Allan's coffee brandy.  The kicker is they made it well over a mile down the trail from where i'm guessing they came onto it, and lost it about 150 yards from the Town Road.  I had to plow that road/trail with a dozer today, and have a crew moving in tomorrow.  If i had to guess, whoever owns that truck will be looking to get one of my guys to come pull him out with a skidder. 

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27 mins ago, RiverRaider said:

Saw this in the parking garage this morning... second time in the last 5 or so years 







These guys were pretty considerate. They didn't drop it on the rotors.

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