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I Have them on my chunking rods that I throw no less than 3oz and bait. I've thrown 8oz and bait many times, they work great. It takes a little bit to get used to the timing, but once you figure it out is great. No more sliced up fingers.

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Well I have written some pretty authoritive posts about mechanical releases, and appreciate that they were well received. Thank you sir.


A Cannon will probably add some distance for you if you use a glove of some kind. You will want to be well away from everyone and everything those first four casts. It isn’t what you anticipate it to be.


The idea is the trigger secures the braid shock leader, and freezes it while the cast developes, preventing the reel from slipping under the pressure. Using braid for a shock leader is a huge advantage over mono, and the Cannon prevents injury from a drag that slips on you, and it also provides a cleaner release than a gloved hand.


one wrap, two wraps, three. Making multiple wraps simply increases the ability of the capstan to freeze on the line. If the drag slips even a little, the cast loses some of what was initially imparted to the rod. Mono stretches nicely and I can get away with 60 lb mono, but have to have 100 lb braid. Has to do with stretch, anyways I bought quite a few Cannons, and never had one fail. I liked that they were on the rod at the ready, and I wasn’t chasing after a glove to cast.


In my experience, about half the people love them and half hate them. So just order one and see how things go. I used a high quality electricians tape. Grasping the reel as if ready to cast, I aligned the release to fit where my fingers wanted to be, not caring about a perfect alignment to the spool. Yes it matters about the spool, but if the trigger doesn’t match your best hold you probably will not cast smoothly.


Use a short section of tape to trap one end, then tape the trigger to the rod without having it flipping back and forth. Make tight wraps at first, then when ready to finish up, relax a little so the end isn’t being pulled back, and keeps it place. Then repeat. Holding it open allows the room to get solid wraps. Also it doesn’t have to be affixed directly under the rod, but rather can work very well if at an angle that better suits your grip. Mine were all slightly offset according to what my finger wanted. Again, stay close to spool, but there is room for fitting too.


Last year I spotted a release that uses my thumb instead of my finger. I replaced all my Cannons with those as I am able to maintain a better grip just prior to the release. A bit more chaos involved, but I can do low reel with those.


But your lighter stuff will benefit, provided your reel would otherwise slip. If the weight is so light that a tightened drag could hold it, a Cannon would be just something else to mess with. It shines when the pressure would otherwise overwhelm the drags abilities, and allow the line to slip.


Thirty bucks.....I say get you one.

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I posted quite a few educational videos on casting lures & baits for the past 2yrs on YouTube using Breakaway Canons. But was told here that i can't post links even though it'll help answer questions. Using Canons will only help if your mainline is braid. Or you can use a finger glove or a leather hand glove. I only highlight these choices but for years i only use my fingers because i'm used to it. Breakaway Canons will help you cast farther using braid & will prevent braid cuts. Long distance spinners like Ultegras will help. Thinner braids are good for distance, you may want to look at shock leaders depending on what you're fishing for. Remember braid won't stretch like monofilament so gotta try different rigs to fine tune your system. Good luck:)


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