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But finally some progress over the past few weeks on the homestead. Siding is done, insulation got banged out while i was in FL, and amazingly a crew showed up Friday and Sat and now we got walls. It's going to be a busy year and i'm going to be living like a broke college kid again.  








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30 mins ago, JaseB said:

I like that front porch!

It definitely needed it for the look. It stops at the side, but the deck wraps around the other side where the sliding door is which is great. 

28 mins ago, Belmo said:

That looks like a good place to get loaded, and work up a case of the shakes. :D


Good luck, FB. :th:

There will be some fires going for sure. Probably about a 15-20 minute drive from Bob's place. 

28 mins ago, Terry Mac said:

hell ya, the porch and home are beautiful!!! congrats. 

Thanks man, wish i had a pic from the first day i saw the place. Vacant property for like 5 years and no upkeep from the bank. Need to get a chainsaw soon and clean some trees up.

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40 mins ago, Aquacide said:

very nice.


that should keep you busy for a few years :th:

I got 3 hickory trees dropping nuts everywhere. Raking will become a hobby.


39 mins ago, Wire For Fire said:

Next ya gotta pump the wifey up with the juice 

I've been holding off on that one as long as possible. Don't think i'm allowed to go much longer though. 


22 mins ago, HopHead said:

Nice man!  It wasn't so bad living like a broke college kid as I recall.

Yeah those days weren't too bad. Always found a way to get food, beer, and pot. 

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