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14 hours ago, paddie said:

LT asked for 100 in singles for the strippers......last call of the show too. He always prided himself on doing a show where you wouldn't have to change the channel if your kids were in the car. 

Sour Shoes pranking him as Howard sterns father and Gary in Greenwich asking him about the guy who can pitch righty and lefty and whether he'd be a good bowler. 

Anyone catch the bit he did a month ago about striper fishing fishing?


I like Beningo, Evan is tolerable at best, Chris moor, neer,  jody mac, kim jones and malusis are painful to listen too. Once somers goes that'll be it

I kinda like Boomer but its always about Boomer and how he played the quarterback position. . A local guy long island , Joe b.  oh the pain another local guy, Jersey - Bergen County . Now fat Chris Carlin hates N.Y. teams he likes the pirates, The gal ??????? and Bart Scott ? What in heck does he know about Local sports history  .I will tell you NOTHING.  It will last if only the station keeps them on ,if the sponsors start dropping out . If not it will have to change. 3 people in the room only one can talk at a time. What is it the View for radio. I cant stand Michael Kay either I may need to buy some c d's of music.   

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will be hearing every caller say "welcome back" for the next year.  I guess it must have hurt when the big man realized that radio stations weren't throwing themselves and their money at him.  Of course, we'll all hear that the Entercom execs contacted him first and that he single handedly pulled WFAN from the dumpster fire that Chernoff started. Thank the Lord the Pope is back.

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